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New/Altered Technology Request Form

This form is to be submitted to Fleet Tech to request new ships, weapons, power sources, etc or alterations to existing technology. Your request will only be denied if it goes against canon laws or treaties, is deemed too powerful for consideration, reproduces existing technology without significant advantage or reason, or deviates too dramatically from Fleet conventions, subject to opinion of the Director.

Please fill out this form as completely and with as much information about the requested new tech or tech alteration as you can. For a temporary change (one lasting only one mission, or a short set of missions) or a change that would only affect the one ship, you can expect to hear back from Fleet Tech within a 1-4 weeks. If it is a change that Fleet Tech feels should apply to the entire fleet, it will be posted on the Theta Fleet forums for fleet-wide review for a minimum of 7 days, but no more than 14. In that case, approval or denial will be based on that discussion.


Character Name:
Ship Name:

Type of Proposal:

Change Duration:
If Limited Time, Please Specify Duration:

Details of Change (Please be as specific as possible):

Reason for Change:

Concessions Made to Facilitate Changes (Loss of space, performance, etc):
Based on the change, this section may not be required.

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