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Diligent Class Starfleet Starship

Category: Frigate

Expected Duration: 80 years
Time Between Resupply: 4 years
Time Between Refit: 1 years

Officers: 25
Enlisted Crew: 95
Marines: 0
Maximum (Evacuation) Capacity: 200

Cruising Velocity: Warp 7
Maximum Velocity: Warp 9.2
Emergency Velocity: Warp 9.75 (for 12 hours)

Length: 187.5 metres
Width: 103.7 metres
Height: 37.2 metres
Decks: 8

Auxiliary Craft
Shuttlebays: 1
   Type 9 Shuttle: 2

Beam Weapons
   Pulse Phaser Cannon: 2
   Type 10 Phaser Array: 8
   Type 12 Phaser Array: 2
   Ablative Hull Armour
   Auto-Modulating Shields
   Deflector Shields
   Metaphasic Shields
   Regenerative Shields
   Structural Integrity Field
Torpedo Launchers
   Burst Fire Torpedo Launcher: 5
      Tri-Cobalt Devices: 5
      Quantum Torpedoes: 80
      Photon Torpedoes: 80

The Diligent Class was born when Starfleet Saw the success of the Defiant Class Starship. A Starship with impressive tactical power that was small and able to move quickly and rapidly when needed. The Diligent Class was Starfleets Answer to balance out a Tactical Orientated Frigate that had better science abilities than a Defiant, but was still able to perform as such.

Deck Listing:

Deck Description
1 Main bridge, Captain's Ready room, Briefing room 
2 Deuterium storage, Warp core (upper most part), Captain's Quarters, Officer Quarters, Mess Hall 
3 Main Shuttle Bay (upper), Computer core (upper 1/3), warp core(upper), Holodeck, Crew Quarters 
4 Main shuttle bay (lower), Conference Center, VIP Quarters, Main Engineering, Computer core (middle), Deflector Dish Control, Crew Quarters, Chief Operations Officer Office, Chief Engineer's Office 
5 Main Sickbay, Transporter Room 1, Brig, Computer Core (lower), Science Labs, Chief Science Officer's Office, Chief Medical Officer's Office, Chief Security Officer's Office, Shuttle Storage, Warp Core (lower middle) 
6 Cargo Bay, Warp Core (bottom), Coolant Tanks, Intel Office.  
7 Torpedo Launchers (Forward 1,2), Torpedo Magazine, Warp Core Ejection Systems 
8 Torpedo Launchers (Rear 2,3), Torpedo magazine, Landing Struts 

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