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Legionnaire - Ballistae Class Starfighter

Category: Assault Fighter

Expected Duration: 0 years
Time Between Resupply: 0 years
Time Between Refit: 0 years

Officers: 1
Enlisted Crew: 0
Marines: 0

Cruising Velocity: Warp 4
Maximum Velocity: Warp 5.7
Emergency Velocity: Warp 6.2 (for 5 hours)

Length: 10 metres
Width: 10.5 metres
Height: 4.5 metres
Decks: 0

Auxiliary Crafts
   Micro Torpedo Launcher: 2
      Micro Quantum Torpedo: 48
   Type U+ Micro Pulse Phaser Cannon: 3
   Ablative Hull Armour
   Deflector Shields
   Light Shields
   Structural Integrity Field

Special Additions:
Additional Heavy Shield Generator
Additional Fusion Reactor x1
Full Sized Munitions Hard Point x4 (Wings underside)

The Ballistae wings are designed to hold up to four full sized torpedoes of varying types to compliment the micro-torpedo magazine and provide heavier firepower against capital ship sized targets.

The Ballistae was designed primarily for bombardment use in both planetary and extra-planetary engagements. While not as maneuverable or fast as their fighter configurations, the Ballistae is meant to carry heavier ordinance than is normally found on standard fighter frames. The nature of the Ballistae's mission profile necessitated the addition of a heavier shield generator much like that of the Gladius system. In order to power the additional systems onboard, an addition fusion generator was built into the module itself. As the fighter is meant to provide sustained heavy bombardment support for both operations in planet side and in space, the torpedo magazine was increased from that found on the Gladius module, providing forty eight micro-torpedoes launched from two launchers.

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