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Type 18 Class Shuttlepod

Category: Pod

Expected Duration: 10 years
Time Between Resupply: 0 years
Time Between Refit: 0 years

Crew: 2

Cruising Velocity: Warp 2
Maximum Velocity: Warp 3
Emergency Velocity: Warp 4 (for 3 hours)

Length: 4.5 metres
Width: 3.1 metres
Height: 1.8 metres
Decks: 1

Beam Weapons
   Type 5 Phaser Bank: 3
   Light Shields

As part of the design work of the Defiant and type X Shuttles, the type XVIII represents some of the newer engineering practices in Starfleet. There are several key design changes from the type XV in the type XVIII: impulse engines are mounted as pods with better armour and protection from damage, the type XVIII has larger life support systems and is much more heavily armed than the type XV. The type XVIII's phasers are mounted as a turret on the top of the shuttlepod and it was designed to be swappable and removable from the hull. This is not a combat-ready shuttle, however, because of its very light shielding. The phasers were added to the design to allow the shuttlepod to fulfil some of the more vigorous assignments that fell into the role of the shuttlepod, such as debris clearance, escaping from battle, and short-range inspections and scouting.

Found on:
Nebula Class Light Cruiser
Galaxy (II) Class Explorer
Galaxy Class Heavy Cruiser
Sentinel Class Escort
Intrepid Class Science Cruiser
Akira Class Carrier
Sabre Class Frigate
Luna Class Surveyor
Celestial Class Docking Facility
Dawnstar Class Heavy Cruiser

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