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Mogai Class Romulan Warbird

Category: Warbird


Expected Duration: 80 years
Time Between Resupply: 2 years
Time Between Refit: 5 years

Officers: 92
Enlisted Crew: 738
Marines: 0
Maximum (Evacuation) Capacity: 2600

Cruising Velocity: Warp 7
Maximum Velocity: Warp 9
Emergency Velocity: Warp 9.8 (for 15 hours)

Length: 603.5 metres
Width: 911.4 metres
Height: 94 metres
Decks: 24

Auxiliary Craft
Shuttlebays: 1
Romulan Shuttles
   Kestral Long Range Shuttle: 4

   Ablative Hull Armour
   Auto-Modulating Shields
   Regenerative Shields
   Romulan Cloaking Device
Romulan & Klingon Weapons
   Disruptor Bank: 4
   Pulse Disruptor Cannon: 8
Romulan Weapons
   Plasma Torpedo Launcher
      Plasma Torpedoes: 30
Torpedo Launchers
   Pulse Fire Torpedo Launcher: 3
      Photon Torpedoes: 240

The name Mogai is a non-canon name. The only named vessel of this class in canon was the Valdore, which is not its class designation. As Mogai is the somewhat only official designation on the internet it has been choosen.

The Mogai class is a result of the experience the Galae Rihanna gained during the Dominion war. The mainstay of the Romulan fleet, the D'deridex class warbird, did not fare too well against the Jem'Hadar. Romulan strategists called for a new type of capital ship, faster, smaller and equipped with more modern technology, to gradually replace the D'deridex class as the Star Empire's front line command vessel.

The first of the Mogai class were fielded in 2378. Equipped with eight pulse disrupter cannons and four disrupter banks, as well as a plasma torpedo launcher and three pulse fire torpedo launchers (an almost direct copy of the Federation's design) the Mogai carries an impressive armament. Designers included ablative armour but shields, while using modern technology, are not as strong as comparable shields employed by Starfleet.

Like other Romulan (and Klingon) vessels the Mogai class was designed as a predator. With most weapons facing forward the most common battle tactic is to approach an enemy ship under cloak, usually from behind or the sides, ambush it and retreat out of range before that ship can respond. This tactic is repeated until the enemy vessel is defeated.

Mogai class warbirds have proven successful in service and have been produced in large numbers. It is expected that numbers of Mogai class starships in service will exceed those for the D'deridex class by 2390.

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